During the high mountain fishing season, we offer you a course in learning fishing and tying flies for 5 hours at a price of € 30 per person.

You can do a lot of walks, trips, routes and rambling because the village is at thefoot of the wood and very near these places: - From 5 minutes to Llavorsi "adventure sports city": white-water rafting, riversledding, canoe, free climbing, bungee jumping, horses...

In winter, you have many ski resorts: Espot and Portainé 25 minutes, Baqueira-Beret 30 minutes, Tavascán 20 minutes and Virós-Vallfarrera 10 minutes. - Fishing paradise (trout) with two wonderful rivers: Vallfarrera and Cardós.

Very near Aigües Tortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, and next toThe biggest Pyrenean lakes: Certascan, Naorte, Romedo. - Several Romanesque churches: Farrera, Tírvia... ©